Today I’m all about positivity!

I recently lost a very good friend due to my negativity and bad attitude more often than not and it made me think, why was I so angry and negative most of the time when I had no reason to be?

Scientifically speaking it actually uses more effort and energy to be angry, upset and negative than it does to be happy and positive. So I’ve started using an idea a friend of mine is using at the moment by using a positivity box, everyday I put in all the positive things from that day and then when I feel negative or angry or upset I can read through it and remember what I have to be happy about. I have to say it is working!

Also I noticed that I worry about all most everything, even the smallest most insignificant things like someone not texting me back. I normally take everything to heart so if someone didn’t text me back I would think “they clearly don’t want to talk to me” or “what have I done wrong?”. It made me think of my brother, one of the most laid back people I know, nothing phases him! I remember I asked him once why nothing worries him in life and he said one of the most valuable sentences I’ve heard…

Worrying about problems won’t fix the problem, if anything you make it worse because you turn a molehill into a mountain.

Until now I’ve never really taken that leaf out of his book because even though I knew he was right I just didn’t want to practice it. Just thinking positively and trying to find the silver lining in any situation really does minimise the issue so you can think rationally about the solution. Positive Mental Attitude is a big player in being happy, just thinking positively makes a whole world of difference to your mood.

So guys my words of wisdom today are…

Think positive!

Find that silver lining in all situations because I promise there is one somewhere!

Don’t let anything worry you, the universe will continue to move no matter how bad you think something is.

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