The sun will come out tomorrow

Today I watched the new version of the film “Annie” with Jamie Fox and Rose Byrne and I have to say it is actually pretty good! They’ve slightly adapted the story to fit today’s society and updated the songs, they’ve done a really good job of it. There is couple of new songs made for the film and they give a really good message to everyone.

The classic song “the sun will come out tomorrow” gives a really positive message that today may not be your day but there is always another chance tomorrow because tomorrow is a new day and who knows what will happen.

A new song they have is about opportunities and doing the best you can with hand of cards your dealt in life, maximising every opportunity thrown your way and remembering there is always a way through everything.

Another new one added is about starting over and changing your life if your not happy, there is always time to change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

On a hangover day today like mine is, after birthday celebrations last night, it really boosted my positivity! So just remember tomorrow is another day and another opportunity.

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